Why It’s a Good Idea to Test the Quality of Your Water

Isn’t the water coming out of my tap treated and safe for me to use already? All water does go through a treatment process before it reaches your pipes, but the standard treatment process typically uses chlorine and fluoride. These chemicals are not ideal for people to ingest and can be harsh on your hair and skin while bathing. When you treat such a large amount of water, you leave room for errors, potentially missing non-harmful and harmful contaminants in your water supply.

What could be running through the water lines?

Depending on where your water is sourced and the condition of your piping, there could be a wide range of things floating around in your H20. Maybe you live in a location that has a lot of minerals in the water. Most minerals are not harmful, but too many can cause hard water and mineral deposit build-up. Some of the non-harmful contaminants found in tap water are iron and manganese.

Harmful contaminants found in tap water might include inorganic substances like lead, copper, arsenic, coliform, E. coli bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). These substances should not be in your water supply, but trace amounts of these items can slip through without anyone noticing. A month later, the water treatment plant might inform you there has been a harmful substance running through the water for an unknown amount of time. Yikes!

Clean Water and You

If you are health-conscious about the ingredients you put in your body, do not skimp on the quality of water with which you are drinking or cooking. Drinking water is an essential part of keeping the body healthy. Water is one of the most effective ways to flush toxins from the body. That’s why it is important to make sure the water you are drinking is clean.

Another factor to consider is the pH levels in your water. When you drink water from your tap, it is normally either too acidic or too alkaline for the body. Overly acidic water is rough on your digestive system and bad for the enamel on your teeth. Water that is high in alkaline can cause the body to digest foods too quickly.

Why should I get my water tested?

There are various filtration setups that focus on different things. That is why you should get your water tested to determine where your problem areas are and find the best solutions to fix them. Prairie State Water Solutions makes it easy for you to pick what filtration or treatment is best for you. Contact us to learn more about getting your water tested and tailoring a water purifying plan specifically for your home’s needs.

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