Water Softeners in IL Save You Money

Having a water softener in IL yields a wide range of benefits that add up to money saved. Who wouldn’t appreciate a little extra cash in their account right now? Here’s why Prairie State Water Solutions in St. Charles, IL  recommends a water softener for your home.

What is “hard” water?

Hard water contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium. Although it is safe to drink, calcium and magnesium deposits can leave residue (usually white/gray-colored) that appears on showers, dishes, and inside appliances that use hot water. Water softeners act as ion exchangers, replacing the calcium and magnesium ions with approved levels of sodium or potassium ions that make the water “soft.”  

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Benefits of soft water

Cleaner clothes for less

Soft water mixes with detergent better than hard water and lathers with half the detergent on the same amount of laundry, giving you more detergent bang for your buck. Soft water also helps brighten and soften your clothes. Washing with hard water has been known to add a rigid, dingy quality to clothes. By using soft water, the quality of your clothes lasts longer and saves you money on laundry supplies altogether.  

Longer-lasting appliances

Without the corrosion that can be caused by calcium and magnesium buildup, your appliances that use hot water will run more efficiently and require less maintenance over a longer period of time. This plaque-like buildup, called scale, prevents water flow into appliances and hampers water heating, which means using more energy to heat water. Scale deposits can also cause ugly stains on your showers and sinks that require extra cleaning supplies. If the scale is not taken care of, it can depreciate your appliances and add repair costs.

Reducing energy bills

As previously mentioned, scale deposits can inhibit the flow of water and require more energy. Removing the possibility of buildup from the start automatically increases your home’s water efficiency, which translates into less money spent on plumbing. Water will not need to be heated to as high of a temperature to clean dishes, either, decreasing your water heater payment.

If you’re ready to save money and make your home more energy efficient with a water softener in Illinois, contact us today, and see why Prairie State Water Solutions is a good fit for you and your family.

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