Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Water & The Importance of Whole House Water Filtration Systems

It has become a well-known fact that drinking water is good for you. According to Mayo Clinic, the average person should drink about eight 8-ounce glasses of water (1.9 liters) every day. Most people strive for this goal but don’t know why. While water comprises about sixty percent of a human’s body weight and is necessary to keep every organ of the body functioning, there are also many other subsidiary benefits that may not be as obvious.

Here are the top 5 benefits of drinking water (that might give you extra motivation to drink more of it):

We offer affordable and efficient water filtration systems for homes. Our water treatment systems filter particles and bacteria from your water to ensure it is safe to use. Contact a specialist with questions or concerns about water filtration systems.

Weight Loss

Drinking water helps your body lose weight in several ways. First, it boosts your metabolism by speeding up your caloric burn. Your body works every time it ingests something. Water contains no calories, but your body still works as you consume water. The Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism conducted a study in which men and women who drank 16 ounces of water had their metabolic rate increase by 30%.

Perhaps you’ve been hungry and someone has recommended you just drink water. No, water does not fill you up like food does, but being thirsty and being hungry actually have most of the same symptoms: stomach gurgling, empty feeling, and lack of energy. A good piece of advice is to drink a glass or two of water about 30 minutes before you eat. Then, you’ll be able to identify just how hungry you are and how much you should eat.

To achieve the maximum benefits of consuming water, we recommend installing a water filtration & treatment system in your home. Water filtration systems filter and remove harmful bacteria from your water that shouldn’t be digested. In addition, filtration systems eliminate stains and odors caused by iron and sulfur.

Healthy Skin

Water is moisture. There is nothing a good moisturizer can do for your skin if you’re not drinking enough water. If you do not feed your body enough water, your skin will become dry and flaky. Your skin is an organ, and it should be treated as such. You need to hydrate daily so that your organs (including your skin) work properly. Drinking water also helps to improve your skin’s elasticity, reducing the likelihood of wrinkles.

Exercise and Physical Wellness

Drinking water will regulate your body temperature, fuel your muscles, and give you more energy. It also helps to keep your muscles and joints limber, so you will not be as prone to cramps, sprains, or injuries while exercising. Another physical benefit of water is that it works to keep away headaches. (Dehydration can be a major cause of a headache!)

To receive the maximum physical benefits from drinking water, we recommend utilizing a drinking water system in your home. These systems filter particles and purify your water to ensure it is safe to drink. Contact a specialist to receive additional information about water filtration systems.


Yes, it’s true — your mood can be affected by your water intake! Lack of sufficient drinking water can cause fatigue, which can cause your mood to be altered. Many people look to caffeine to wake them up and get their days off to a good start, but simply hydrating with a few glasses of water can have an equally positive (and much healthier) effect on your mindset!


Drinking water while you eat is not mandatory, but it is useful in breaking down food. It helps flush toxins from your intestines and aids in bowel movement. In addition, drinking water is necessary to digest soluble fiber, which will reduce constipation.

To take advantage of all of these health benefits, it is important to have clean, soft water easily accessible to you at home. Do you want to start drinking more water, but you don’t have a water filtration system at your house? Contact the experts at Prairie State Water Solutions in St. Charles, IL for a consultation or quote today!

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