The Benefits of Well Water in Illinois

Over 15 million Americans get their water from a private water well. This number may seem shocking at first, but the economic, environmental, and health benefits of well water may make you consider digging a well in your own backyard. While it is most common to find wells in rural areas, nothing is stopping a suburban household from getting a well.

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Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of well water:

It’s Free!

One of the many benefits to having well water as your main water source is that it is free (with the exception of the electricity it takes to pump it into the house). Having a well is a long-term investment that ends up paying for itself and saving you money in the long run.

It’s Healthier

City water is treated with heavy chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride which cannot be completely filtered out. The chemicals in heavily treated city water can add up when drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day 365 days of the year. Well water is filtered naturally so all the health benefits of water can be enjoyed without so many chemicals.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Want to go green? Digging a well is a great first step! The water is naturally filtered and is better for the environment than city water, which is heavily treated with chemicals. These chemicals are disposed of in the earth, causing harm to the environment. As an extra bonus, more and more homebuyers are looking for “green” amenities and upgrades. Having a well can increase the value of your home and be a unique asset if you ever decide to sell.

It Tastes Better

When you talk to people who have a well, most will tell you that well water tastes infinitely better than any city or bottled water. Why? Many of these people have water filtration systems catered to their specific needs. Once the well water is tested, the water can be treated and conditioned to the exact specifications necessary.

Some things to take into consideration when you look at quality of well water are the type of well, where the well is located, and the age of the well. Keeping the area around the well clean is important to maximize sanitation. If there is a change in taste, smell, or color, get the well tested immediately.

It’s extremely important to have your well water tested at the onset. As an authorized WaterCare dealer, Prairie State Water Solutions offers a variety of water testing services. After testing your water, we then can tailor a water filtration, water conditioning, or water softening system to meet your exact needs. We carry water treatment products and solutions to fit all types of situations. 

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