Poor Water Quality in Elgin, Illinois & Water Quality Testing Services

Water is an extremely important part of our lives. Though we often don’t realize the extent of our usage, studies show that the average American uses between eighty and one hundred gallons of water each day. Sometimes, though, the water we’re using might not be very good for us. This can range from water that is riddled with toxins to water that is unsightly but perfectly safe to consume. Last summer, many people in the Elgin area turned on their taps and discovered their water suddenly had a foul odor and taste.

To ensure your water is safe to consume, we recommend booking a water quality test with the specialists at Prairie State Water Solutions.

Worried about the quality of your home’s water? Have it tested.

Smelly Water

After all the complaints from citizens with disgusting water, city officials from Elgin have released statements saying the water is safe to drink. This may be true, but it’s not much consolation for a family that is repulsed by the water that’s coming from their faucets. It’s nice to know the water isn’t dangerous, but do you really want to be drinking and bathing in water that has smells and tastes swampy?

The water issues apparently stemmed from algae blooms in the Fox River, the primary source of Elgin’s water. Algae typically grows in warm weather, adding an unpleasant taste to water for a short period of time. Though the problem was eventually fixed, it served as a good reminder of how quickly your water quality can change. This is all the more reason to schedule a water quality test on a regular basis. As scary as it is, some dangerous contaminants, such as lead, can go unnoticed for a long time. Lead can cause brain damage and other troubling ailments, but it can’t be detected by taste or smell. In Flint, Michigan, an unsafe city water supply caused over a dozen deaths and sickened many more.  

Does your water taste or smell odd? Book a water quality test to determine if your water is safe to consume.

Should I Schedule a Water Quality Test?

Though most of the time we don’t notice any problems with our home water supply, it’s scary events like these that remind us that safe, clean drinking water isn’t a given. In the U.S., our access to clean drinking water is far better than in many developing countries, but we must remember that many factors can change the status of our water. Pesticides and fertilizers, faulty water treatment systems, contaminated water supplies, and many other factors can quickly transform the pure water your family was enjoying to water that could harm them. This is especially true if your water comes from a private well, which, unlike city water, is not screened for contaminants. One study found that 13 percent of untreated drinking water contains at least one element at a concentration that exceeds federal health regulations or guidelines.” The peace of mind offered by having your water tested periodically for contaminants is well worth the insignificant cost to do so.

How Do I Purify My Water?

If your water is found to be imperfect, don’t panic. There are many options to alleviate the situation, ranging from water softeners to water conditioning systems to special filters. In the Elgin area and need your water tested? Contact Prairie State Water Solutions to have the problem assessed and fixed.

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