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“Hard water:” it sounds like an oxymoron, but do you know what it actually means? You may have noticed many of the signs of hard water around your house but didn’t realize what was causing them. If this was the case for you, you’re surely not alone. The United States Geological Survey reports that 85% of U.S. homes deal with hard water. Whether your water comes from a private well or is drawn from the municipal supply, chances are, your water is not as pure as it could or should be!

Notice Signs of Hard Water? Install a Water Softener

If you notice signs of hard water in your home, we recommend investing in a water softener. We offer high-quality and reliable water softeners for homes in St. Charles, Illinois and surrounding areas. A water softener system reduces the hardness of your water to ensure your hardware and appliances are able to operate efficiently. In addition, water softeners filter minerals that stain the plumbing and fixtures throughout your home. Removing minerals from your water will prolong the life of your plumbing fixtures and will also help eliminate foul tastes and odors from your water.

Prairie State Water Solutions offers water softener systems such as the CareSoft Elite, CareSoft Elite RC, CareSoft Pro, CareSoft Pro RC, and CareSoft Twin Softener Systems. View our selection of water softeners and contact a specialist at Prairie State Water Solutions to learn more about water softener options.

What is Hard Water?

The term “hard water” refers to the chemical makeup of your water. Water with a high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium is considered “hard.” These minerals often make their way into your water supply through the soil or sediments underground. It’s not medically harmful to drink hard water.  However, it’s important to know the signs of hard water and the various problems it can cause.

What Are the Common Signs of Hard Water?

Difficulty Lathering or Removing Soap? This is a Sign of Hard Water

Hard water is the enemy of soap. If you are having trouble removing or lathering your soap in the shower, this is a sign of hard water. More soap is required to wash yourself, and even then, the soap isn’t able to perform its best work. Your drinking water may not taste very good either; many people prefer the taste of soft water to its mineral-laden counterpart.

Save water and improve the taste of your drinking water with a water softener system. We offer water softeners at competitive rates for homes in St. Charles, Illinois and a variety of other locations. Contact a specialist to learn more about water softeners.

Hard Water Causes Clothes to Fade & Stiff Fabric

Just as the soap in your shower doesn’t work as well with hard water, your clothing also suffers from hard water in the laundering process. Faded clothes or stiff fabric are a sign your home has hard water

Prevent your clothes from fading with a water softener system. Adding a water softer to your home will prolong the life of your wardrobe. Call a specialist to learn more about water softeners and water treatment solutions in St. Charles, Illinois and surrounding areas.

Notice Scale Buildup in Your Plumbing? This is Caused by Minerals & Hard Water

Though we discussed how hard water isn’t harmful to human health, the same can’t be said for the health of your plumbing appliances. If the shower head in your Illinois home has grimy scale, this is a sign of hard water. The minerals in hard water can cause buildup in your plumbing that causes problems. Water heaters, shower fixtures, and toilets all tend to suffer shortened lifespans in homes with hard water. Some of these items are quite expensive to replace, so ignoring the hard water in your home will cost you more over time! 

Protect your plumbing system from the damaging effects of hard water with a water softener system. Water softener units are available in St. Charles, Illinois and other areas.

Do You Notice Signs of Hard Water in Your Home? Order a Water Softener

Now that you can recognize the signs of hard water, it’s time to take action if your home is struggling with this problem. Fortunately, the solutions aren’t difficult to implement. Prairie State Water Solutions offers water softeners in St. Charles, Illinois to alleviate hard water issues. Plus, by softening your water you’ll be saving money. Experts estimate that hard water costs homeowners an additional $800 every year!

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Ready to take care of the hard water problem in your home? Give Prairie State Water Solutions a call at 630-864-7078 or reach out to us online! One of our professionals will test your water and determine the best course of action for improving it.
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