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With the amount of water we use and consume on a daily basis, you’d think everyone would want theirs to be as clean and pure as possible. Sadly, many Illinois homeowners instead put up with water that has a foul odor, taste, or appearance. We’d like to tell you that things don’t always have to be that way! There are many different ways to treat water today that are both effective and affordable. We offer chlorine and hydrogen peroxide water treatment systems for homes in St. Charles, Illinois and surrounding areas. We also offer many chemical-free systems that may be ideal for your home.

It’s important to note that our process starts by conducting a water quality test (free of chargeto assess how to best remedy the problem for your household. When it comes to water, a one size fits all solution does not apply: each home is different. Here are some pros and cons of each water treatment system to help you determine which is better for your household’s needs.

Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment Systems


Hydrogen peroxide water treatment systems are an excellent option for several reasons. For example, hydrogen peroxide systems work more quickly, so the additional tank that accompanies chlorine systems is often not necessary. Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide water treatment systems don’t create an unsavory byproduct in the course of their purification process, unlike some other systems. Hydrogen peroxide water treatment systems also work across a broader range of pH levels than chlorine treatment systems.


Hydrogen peroxide systems require less frequent maintenance than their chlorine counterparts, but they’re not as effective either: these systems may be best suited for your home if you don’t have an especially major water quality problem. One thing to be aware of is that transporting and handling hydrogen peroxide requires care and expertise. Without the necessary safety precautions, you could end up dealing with uncomfortable irritation of your eyes, lungs, and skin. Fear not: the pros are equipped to help you every step of the way!

We offer hydrogen peroxide and chlorine for water purification systems in St. Charles, Illinois and surrounding areas. Our services are designed to help maintain and prolong the life of your water treatment systems. Contact a specialist to order hydrogen peroxide or chlorine for your system.

Chlorine Water Treatment Systems


Although municipal systems use chlorine frequently, it can also be extremely effective in individual homes. One benefit of using chlorine water treatment systems is affordability. Another is that it can help effectively reduce hydrogen sulfide, iron, and other water and bacterial conditions when utilized properly and precisely dosed into your water with the help of our WaterCare Filtration systems. Overall, chlorine water treatment systems are ideal for homes with more severe problems with water quality.


Chlorine systems require more maintenance than some other systems and will need a contact tank for the water and chlorine to mix correctly. But with proper use and maintenance, a chlorine system can be an excellent way to condition the water in your home. You’ll also want to carefully handle your chlorine, if you handle it at all, since it can leave you with uncomfortable irritation if proper precautions are not taken. Though some homeowners are concerned about chlorine being in their water, there’s no need to worry: the chlorine is filtered out by our WaterCare Filters prior to being delivered to your tap.

Ready to solve your home’s water problems with a hydrogen peroxide or chlorine treatment system? Allow Prairie State Water Solutions’ experts to handle the job! Give us a call at (630) 864-7078 or schedule an appointment online! We can help you decide which system is best for your home and make clean, pure water a reality for your family!
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