Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment Systems for Illinois Homes

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People often use hydrogen peroxide to bleach their hair, clean household surfaces, brighten white clothes, as well as a means of cleaning and disinfecting open wounds. It’s a common item you’ll find in many homes across the country. Most people are aware of these standard uses. But did you know you can also use hydrogen peroxide for water treatment?

Hydrogen peroxide is a basic compound that is an effective tool for a water filtration. Similar to water (H₂O) it also consists of hydrogen and oxygen, but with a second oxygen atom (H₂O₂).

While this may seem foreign to many who use hydrogen peroxide water treatment systems, there are numerous uses for this unique substance. Since it often requires a high dose as part of the purification process, hydrogen peroxide isn’t typically used for swimming pools, drinking water, or other means that come in contact with skin. Instead, it is more commonly used for well water and in plant watering systems. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of hydrogen peroxide water filtration systems.

Prairie State Water Solutions offers hydrogen peroxide water filtration systems to homes in St. Charles and in various other areas of Illinois. Contact a water treatment specialist to learn more about water filtration systems.

Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment Systems Reduce Bacteria Levels in Water

There are countless types of bacteria found in water, whether it’s in a lake, ocean, or a well. Using a hydrogen peroxide water treatment system can greatly reduce the amount of bacteria living in water. Hydrogen peroxide is utilized for water filtration purposes because it is highly successful at removing everything from coliform to high concentrations of iron, which are both forms of anaerobic bacteria.

These bacteria can often produce sulfuric acid in a system, leaving a foul odor that is often compared to the smell of rotten eggs. This sulfuric acid can corrode water pumps and even cause slime from larger concentrations of bacteria. We recommend utilizing a hydrogen peroxide water treatment system to destroy the bacteria in your water. This will cause the slime to clear away and the odor to disappear.

Thanks to the way hydrogen peroxide breaks down in the water filtration system, the remaining oxygen also helps prevent future bacteria from being able to grow.

Hydrogen Peroxide Water Filtration Systems Are Efficient

Hydrogen peroxide water filtration systems are preferred in a wide variety of situations because hydrogen peroxide works faster and is a stronger oxidizer to Chlorine. In fact, it is even strong enough to remove chlorine from water. Chlorine can be oxidized by the air or condensation, leaving a harmful residue that turns into corrosive acids. When hydrogen peroxide is used on chlorine, it breaks apart into hydrogen and oxygen atoms as it ionizes and removes the chlorine.

This process works more efficiently than chlorine for many different needs. Usually injected into flowing water, hydrogen peroxide is commonly used as an alternative to chlorine to filter water for plants and crops, as well as for well water systems.

Prairie State offers a large selection of water filtration systems for homes in St. Charles and other areas of Illinois. Contact a water filtration specialist by phone at (630) 864-7078 to learn more about hydrogen peroxide water filtration systems.

Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment Systems Produces No Residue

Unlike chlorine, using hydrogen peroxide for water treatment leaves no chemical residue. Similar to the way it removes chlorine whenever used in a water filtration system, it is broken down into separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms that simply become part of the water.

This prevents the need for constant monitoring and cleaning of annoying residues and stains that other water filtration systems can leave. Investing in a hydrogen peroxide water treatment system will save you some time, while also enjoying the benefits of good, clean water.

Hydrogen Peroxide Water Filtration Systems Features Various Uses with pH Levels

Many ways of filtering water are only effective within specific pH ranges. As an example, water must have a pH level below 7.5 for it to be effective. On the other hand, a water softener system is more effective on water with a pH level of 5.5 or higher.

With a hydrogen peroxide water treatment system, you’ll find there is a wider range of uses for pH levels in water. This makes it a more efficient choice for systems with major water quality problems.

Peroxide Water Treatment Systems Are Easy to Use

Using hydrogen peroxide is just as simple as using a chlorine water treatment system and sometimes requires less installation equipment. Because hydrogen peroxide water filtration systems are more efficient than chlorine systems, you won’t always need an additional tank. Another benefit of using hydrogen peroxide systems is that they often require less maintenance work as well, saving you money on upkeep costs.

But while it is easy to use, a great deal of care must be taken when handling hydrogen peroxide water filtration systems. If used incorrectly, hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation or even permanent damage to skin and eyes. It is vital to take the necessary safety precautions by wearing gloves and protective eyewear, prior to working with it.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Water Treatment

Prairie State Water Solutions has been around for over 30 years, helping people improve the quality of their water. With a range of products from water softeners to drinking water systems, we strive to remove foul odors, tastes, and acidity from water sources.

If you’re interested in using hydrogen peroxide for water treatment, please contact us to learn more about its benefits and how to get started.

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