Benefits of Using a Water Softener in Illinois When Cooking

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Not many consider the effects of hard versus soft water on your everyday cooking habits and appliances. Investing in a water softener system for your home in Illinois will enhance your cooking. Cooking with soft water helps enhance the flavor of your food and eliminates the nickel-like (calcium and magnesium) taste, which is a characteristic of hard water in various areas of Illinois. Soft water also has a bit of a higher level of sodium in it than hard water, which is great for your taste buds and not at all damaging to the rest of your body.

Some customers also lean towards soft water for its health benefits, too. Sodium chloride affects might still be worrisome to you, especially if your cardiologist puts you on a restricted sodium diet. If that is the case, consider a water softener system that relies on potassium chloride to function or the addition of a Reverse Osmosis system for your Illinois drinking water. Enjoy a more natural taste in your water. Purified Reverse Osmosis Water and softened waters are also much cleaner than hard water.

Prairie State Water Solutions is a WaterCare dealer that offers affordable, reliable, and durable water softener systems for homes. We offer water softeners to homes in St. Charles, Campton Hills, Batavia, Sugar Grove, Chicago, and other areas of Illinois. Contact a specialist with questions about water treatment systems. We will help you choose a system that meets the needs of your family.

Benefits of Using Water Softeners When Making Dough

Use a Water Softener to Avoid Tough & Rubbery Dough

Pizza and bread dough can turn out too stiff, tough, and rubbery if you live in an area of Illinois that has hard water, thus ruining an entire dish. Soft water and water softener systems will help ensure your cooking or baking comes out just as beautiful as the picture looks. Soft water also tastes a lot better and causes yeast to rise more slowly, which is good. Always use water from a water softener system or purified Reverse Osmosis water when cooking or baking any type of dough. Trust us, you will notice a difference. Prairie State Water Solutions offers a large selection of water softener systems in areas such as St. Charles, Chicago, Campton Hills, Batavia, and a wide variety of other areas in Illinois. Contact a water treatment specialist to learn more about water softeners.

Benefits of Using a Water Softener When Cooking Vegtables

Rinse Your Fruits & Veggies in Soft Water to Remove Dirt

Washing produce with soft or purified water from water softener systems removes the layers of dirt and wax, and can even enhance the taste of fruits and vegetables. Easily cook vegetables with soft water. This affords them out-of-this-world flavor, color (hard water can dull vibrant colors), vitamin content, and texture. Cooking vegetables can be time-consuming, but cooking them in soft water is well worth it. Kids will especially love the taste and texture of vegetables cooked in soft water!

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Benefits Of Using Water Softeners When Cooking

Enhance Tea, Sauces, & Water Based Liquids With Soft Water

Tea, coffee, sauces, stocks, and gravy are all significantly better when made with soft water, and even better when made with Reverse Osmosis water! As water is a primary ingredient, it’s important that it’s fresh and adds nutritional value. The limescale content in soft water is lowered. Taste is improved because soft water from water softener systems more readily accepts flavor when compared to hard water. The calcium and magnesium in hard water can block and take over the natural elements soft water preserves more of.

Benefits of Using Water Softeners When Cooking

Use a Water Softener to Avoid Residue & Buildup on Kitchen Supplies & Appliances

In addition to food, your glassware and cookware are best when washed with treated water from water softeners. Soft water can keep all your dishes and utensils looking spot-free. Soft water has been cleaned of minerals (unlike hard water) that could cause residue and buildup in your machines and on your dishes. In addition, soft water will not disturb the cartridges in your kitchen faucet as much as hard water can. Investing in a water softener system will help extend the lives of all your water-using appliances. If you use exclusively soft water in your kitchen area, you can reduce cleaning products usage by up to 75 percent, saving both time and hard earned money!!

Being in the kitchen and cooking are vital parts of your family’s routine and relationships. Nutritional water is a key part of life at home — it’s the foundation of our overall health. Your water should sustain you and your family for years to come. Contact us today to start down the path to better water and food! We offer water softener systems to residents in St. Charles, Campton Hills, Batavia, Sugar Grove, Chicago, and a large variety of other areas in Illinois.

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