Sanitize Your St. Charles, Illinois Water of Minerals, Radioactive Materials, & Groundwater Contamination Issues With a Water Conditioner

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Did you know that the City of St. Charles Water Division is responsible for providing safe water to over 33,000 customers?

To achieve this, the Water Division maintains 12,000 local service connections, 3,400 valves, 2,700 fire hydrants, 221 miles of water main, 7-water supply wells and 6-storage reservoirs. Two separate aquifers provide the city of St. Charles with groundwater. Aquifers are underground stores of freshwater that can be brought up to the surface by pumping. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), approximately 30% of our liquid freshwater is groundwater.

The Groundwater in St. Charles is Contaminated With Minerals & Other Materials

For transparency purposes and to keep residents informed, the City of St. Charles Water Quality Report summarizes the quality of the water in St. Charles each year, revealing not only where the water comes from but what it contains.

The Water Division adheres to the US EPA and FDA regulations that establishes the limits to the number of contaminants in the public water supply systems, ensuring the water is safe to consume. However, this means water issues are prominent in the St. Charles water supply. Because the water comes from underground layers of water-bearing rock, it can pick up minerals, radioactive material, and materials from animals and humans.

View the St. Charles Water Report to Learn About Water Contamination

The City of St. Charles Water Quality Report lists the water contamination issues detected in the public water supply system. The list of water issues includes lead, copper, and chlorine. Radioactive contaminants discovered combine radium and uranium. Inorganic pollutants found in the water include arsenic and nitrate. Disinfectants such as chlorine also find their way in the water supply.  

Preserve Your Water Pipes, Sinks, & Fixtures With a Water Conditioner in Your St. Charles Home

Residents of St. Charles have water issues such as hard water because the city sources the water from the ground. A common groundwater contamination issue includes excessive amounts of iron which explain the reddish stains you may notice on your plumbing fixtures. And while hard water may not pose a health risk, it does cause mineral buildup on water pipes and heating systems.

Metals & Groundwater Contaminants in the St. Charles Water System Can Cause Sickness & Cancer

So not only do St. Charles residents have to worry about water hardness, but they also have other water issues such as the presence of minerals and radioactive contaminants. The metals and toxins listed in the St. Charles water quality report are alarming as they link to certain illnesses and even cancer.

Install a Water Conditioner to Remove Sulfur & Chlorine From Your St. Charles Water

Water conditioners reduce water hardness by correcting acidic water conditions and help you preserve your home’s piping and fixtures. They also use a filtration system to remove water issues such as sulfur often found in well water or chlorine in city water. By having a water conditioner in your St. Charles home, you ensure that you have high-quality water available whenever you need it.

Invest in a Water Conditioner & Water Quality Test to Protect Your Family From Common Groundwater Contamination Issues

Prairie State Water Solutions can provide the quality water you desire, eliminating unwanted minerals, hardness, odors, tastes, acidity, and other groundwater contamination issues. Our CareSoft Elite RC Water Conditioner provides great chlorine free and soft water in a single, simple, smart system! Our TotalCare Series conditioners are the smart, convenient water treatment system for your home and lifestyle if you live on a private well! View our selection of water conditioners for homes and contact a specialist with questions. Prior to choosing a water conditioner system, schedule a water quality test with Prairie State Water Solutions to test the quality of your water.

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